Sue Lee Studios is a unique fabrication and sculpture studio in that we consciously use a majority of non-toxic chemicals and supplies. A proper ventilation room, commercial purifier and safety equipment for use of unavoidable chemicals, spraying fluids from aerosol cans, and airbrushing are present inside the studio. We also have a proper makeup station and fabrication facilities to assist in creating “complete characters.”

We implement safe studio practices and in particular for those who are expecting or breastfeeding.

The studio is for private and commercial use for the artist, Sue Lee. However, the facilities and equipment are also used to host atelier-style workshops, internships, apprenticeships, and skill-building programs for female mother-artists. The objective of this assistance is to help retain and build the pool of female talent usually lost upon entering motherhood. However, this assistance is at the sole discretion of Sue Lee Studios taking consideration of current workload and schedule. Main focus of assistance lies in prosthetic fabrication and realistic sculptures.

For more information, please check the individual pages of internships/apprenticeships, workshops/lectures, and mother-artists.