After graduating from Colgate University in 2007, Sue Lee initially sought out a career in medical illustration. She loved the beauty and functionality of the human body and chose it as her canvas. Special effects allowed Sue to go beyond the academic approach of the human anatomy and become more creative using the body as a platform for many new creatures and oddities beyond mankind. Sue received a thorough training in special effects prosthetic makeup at the Tom Savini Special Effects School. Always emphasizing the importance of technical training, diligence and hard work, she never stopped improving her craft. Upon graduating from special effects school in 2011, Sue was immediately scouted and casted for SyFy's hit show Face Off Season 2. She was a semi-finalist (last female contestant to be eliminated) and appeared in every episode. Sue recalls the experience as being in a "bootcamp" and really got to understand where she was as an artist and what she was capable of under extreme circumstances. After a successful season run on Face Off, Sue returned back home to New York City where she started her own company, Sue Lee Studios.

After the show, Sue has gone on to work with AMC on a Walking Dead Promo, which was filled with zombies styled with her signature urban-pop flare. A huge success, it gained a lot of press and 20+ million views on Youtube. Soon enough, her work was on subsequent viral videos, such as the Pepsi Kyrie Irving disguise video and the Last Exorcism II promo.

Sue now owns and operates Sue Lee Studios. The studio focuses on fine arts and special effects fabrication. SLS has a full time staff and a fully equipped studio.