Motherhood and Career

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There are lots of things that a woman goes through once having a child and becoming a mother. One of the biggest changes that I've personally have come to realize is that I now stand up for myself, my family and the life-decisions I have made. I have become more outspoken about my opinions and more vocal when I see injustice. Yes, I've become that nagging mother who berates anyone who litters in public – be warned! Mothers become enforcers of justice and vigilantes on the moral ground, because the sudden need to care about the world our children grow up in...actually matters! It's not about just punching in 9 to 5 and making yourself happy. We are given this tremendous responsibility to shape future generations and, consequently, the world. It's this responsibility that has given me the courage to add a blog to my website. Normally I would let the art speak for itself, but sometimes people relate more to the process than the result. When I faced hardships in the film industry, I had no one to turn to for genuine support. As a new up and coming special effects artist in NY, my career was gaining speed and momentum that was abruptly paused with an unexpected honeymoon baby. I was met with lip service and congratulations, but in reality I could feel the walls erected around me; no one wanted to deal with a pregnant woman in a male dominated industry. In all honesty, I did have physical and health limitations which prevented me from proceeding with certain fabrication techniques. However, I found ways to overcome them, but I had to start on my own and create a new business model for a viable art career as a new mom. It's easy to write about the beginning and the end; it's the middle that becomes treacherous and where desperation finds us. I hope that those who have stumbled across this blog will get a peak into the mindset and process of an active female artist, who is also juggling family life. If I can do it, then you can do it. Let's do it together!