Why Moss Wall Gardens?

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"The Earth has its music for those who will listen." -George Santayana

“Mosses play a significant environmental role in the global carbon cycle as the largest land repository for carbon on the planet.” - Annie Martin*

Creating this moss garden was cathartic to me. It meant new beginnings, fresh start, ability to grow, and respecting my self and my environment. So why the moss?

The chemicals I use to create my fine arts sculptures and special effects makeup are quite hazardous. When I became pregnant, I was so depressed about giving up my career, just due to the physical incompatibility of my industry's standards and my safer health requirements. With some encouragement, passion and tenacity, I was able to find safe alternatives that were not as widely used in my industry due to higher costs and little research and development. Since 2013, I've blown through a lot of my time and money researching and developing techniques to master these safer alternatives. Four years of hell bent determination could not be a pretense and the entire journey snowballed into a lifestyle that reflected my new safer studio practice.

My love of nature and its ability to naturally purify air seemed to line up with my studio practice. We use real moss which filters the air of toxins to help detoxify the studio from any vapors found in using our materials. The biophillic design also helps calm any tension and emotes peace and tranquility. My studio has become a safe haven from the world's pressure to conform and become another cog in its machine.