Back to School...

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September always brings the hectic transition of being back in school, sleep schedule changes, potty training, new friends and, of course, the first colds/flu from the new environment. We've already been through our September ER trips and doctor visits for both boys; I really thought I would pass out or get a heart attack this time around. For me personally, October brings more tranquility from routine and acclimation. Now that I have more personal time spent at the studio and not at an ER, I that thought I should give a quick update.

I, myself, have gone back to “school.” I felt a bit lacking in my skills and not caught up with modern advancements in fabrication. Also, I really felt that at this point in my career and skill-set that I needed a mentor to go in the right direction. I never had a mentor, someone who personally undertook my growing and learning...someone who I can solely credit my achievements to. I always had to seek out short-term private workshops or enroll at academic institutes. There was one time I was kindly offered to study in Japan with Shinya Endo and his crew, which has deeply changed how I see generosity regarding trade-secrets. As short as that experience was, it made a lasting impact...but that is a story for another time.

I don't think having a mentor based on friendship is unfortunate, as most professional athletes hire the best coaches to train them. Instead of feeling sappy and bad for myself, I decided to apply to have the best possible instructor the special effects industry had to offer, Dick Smith, through his online Advanced Makeup Course. Although this wonderful man has moved on from this world, his spirit and teachings remain in through his legacy and his Advanced Makeup Course, which is now taught and mentored by Andrew Clement. Andrew Clement is an accomplished special effects artist and owns/operates his company, Creative Character Engineering, which serves top Hollywood productions and has created renown makeups, like Deadpool.

I'm treating this course like graduate school, since on an average it takes those accepted...about 2-3 years to accomplish. So I haven't been updating my social media or been writing my blog too much these days since I've been spending time where it counts, not in front of a computer screen. So far, I'm completely blown away by the textbook. Dick Smith wrote this course so meticulously, that I've have to reread the text multiple times to completely soak in everything. I've already been corresponding with Andrew and feel like I'm not completely alone. I highly encourage anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level, but cannot move out to California for more work experience/Hollywood exposure to take this course. As a mom of two boys, this course fits my hectic schedule and there's no pressure or deadlines. Just learning at my own pace and enjoying the journey. Happy fall everyone!