Hello 2019!

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So I've come to realize that being a professional blogger and being more present on social media is a priority for me.

What has been a priority for me is actually experiencing an active participant. What does this mean? This means that when I'm exercising, I'm pushing myself even further than before and researching how to maximize my workouts instead of just showing up and doing the same thing over again. It means that when I'm with my kids by myself, that I fully immerse myself into their activities such as playing Nerf with goggles, vests and shit. When I read a book, I actively write in them and try to implement what I've learned in real life; I also try to summarize what I've learned to someone else...because when you teach something, you get to learn it twice, as per Jim Kwik. When I plan a birthday party, I go 110% and try to create a party on par with professional party planners. When I go out to a party or concert, I am dancing non-stop and screaming at the top of my lungs. When I decide to be someone's friend, I fully commit to being a friend. That means that when we make plans, I treat them like business meetings – arrive on time, fully engaged, and do everything not to cancel them.

I see so many zombies and posers living in a fake world à la matrix. I don't for a second believe that the majority of people on social media are as happy and successful as they portray in real life. The scammers ruined it for me and everyone else. It's so easy to put up a wall of pretense online; it's called a 60 day return policy. We once cherished integrity and raw personas on social media, but once money and incentives are involved...everyone wants to get in on it. That's why I refuse to have a stronger online presence, because I am actually present in the tangible world of experiences. Those moments are true and real as they get. They have integrity...something many people don't have these days.

BTW, I just had knee surgery and been doing physical therapy for awhile now. I just did 1 hour (650 cal) on the elliptical yesterday and realized how much I've improved. I couldn't even do a squat 2 weeks after surgery, but here I am doing lunges, squats and the elliptical. Time and active effort heals all. How did I hurt my knee? I tore my meniscus on my first week of doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...trained another 6 months with the pain before getting surgery. And yes, I can't wait to go back.

So here's to another year of self-improvement and living my best life in this beautiful world.