Mother Artists

This program is more of an outreach geared to women who are expecting, active in industry while raising children, or taking a break due to difficulties and lack of support. It takes a village to raise a child and Sue Lee realized a mom group was more than necessary to survive the first couple years of motherhood. Mothers tend to help other mothers through the shared experience of hardships of motherhood. They do this with passion and without withholding any valuable information to improve one's lifestyle. It is the goal of Sue Lee Studios to extend this supportive community to mothers in the art and fabrication industry. The objective of this assistance is to help retain and build the pool of female talent usually lost upon entering motherhood.

The outreach program addresses:

  1. Healthy studio practices
  2. Health concerns for expecting/breastfeeding mothers
  3. General information about the industry from a mother's perspective
  4. Financing and managing your career
  5. Marketing and portfolio presentation
  6. Workshops to further improve skill-sets to build one's portfolio or to remain competitive in the industry after maternity leave/taking time off
  7. Establishing relationships with mentors and mentees
  8. Networking with established female artists who are mothers or supportive of mother-artists

Those interested in receiving assistance through the outreach program may email Sue Lee Studios directly using the contact form; please type “Mother-Artist” in the subject. This assistance is at the sole discretion of Sue Lee Studios taking into consideration the current workload and schedule. Main focus of assistance lies in prosthetic fabrication and realistic sculptures.