The saying “form fits function” would be the underlying theme of this installation. I wanted to use an element of the building's architecture and install a sculpture that befits that space. After deciding on the use of the windows, I started to create stained glass-like sculptures using parrafin wax, which have the intrinsic translucence of stained glass. With the premise set, I had to choose a design for the actual wax panels and decided to go with visceral organ-like imagery. The best examples of “form fitting function” were animals and organisms found in nature. When the sun rises and shines on the exterior of the windows, the light disperses the colors in the panels and the visceral imagery dissipates into a glowing explosion of color. When the sun sets and the building's interior lights are on, what is revealed are grotesque organ-like imagery sculpted into the panels (relief-style). The art changes depending on where the light source is coming from and its form fits the space it occupies.