Artist Statement

I have always been interested in human relationships and the influence of one's community and society as a whole. As the world is focusing and changing towards high-speed global connectivity through the internet, I have focused more on the impact of social media on modern society as a form of propaganda.

Social media has evolved to become a strategic method of communication aimed at influencing the masses with a cause or purpose. Is this not modern day propaganda? Not exclusive to celebrities or politicians, regular people can have mass influence and followings on these platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. At first seen as news of the common people, the content on social media had integrity and revealed the humble truths of everyday life. Recordings of spectacular and grievous events seemed to escape the manipulative intents found in established news sources, and truly allowed us to see the world with clear vision, for better or worse. However, the power of influence have started to give normal people more strong hold than their counterparts with recognized accreditation. These social media celebrities may arguably have more authority and dominion over their respective industries, because they have been elected directly through the “likes” and “clicks” from their target audience. With this new found power, these social media elites have inevitably corrupted their content with staged lies, greed, politics, and money usually found in their commercialized counterparts. Who can we trust? This evolving modern form of propaganda and its players are the focus of all my artwork.

My choice of medium to express my opinions and social commentary is through video and sculpture. With my training in traditional sculpture and special effects fabrication, I initially found myself working in the film and television industry. It was during my career as a special effects artist that I was hired to create character makeups for famous viral videos; I was able to witness first-hand what people were interested in and what they allow to influence them. This had a major impact in my art and the reason why I include a video element with my sculptures. Through these vehicles of sculpture and video, I hope to present different sides of the reality and messages conveyed through the elites of social media and allow people to have an opinion formed by themselves. Nevertheless, public sentiment is not always morally and politically correct, nor are those in power. Because the truthful idea behind all this is that absolute truths are few and far between and reality is always subjective.

Sue Lee