1 to 3 day intense private workshops will be held at the studio or hosted at public conventions or private institutions throughout the year. These are small intimate classes and similar to private tutoring. The main focus lies in prosthetic fabrication and realistic sculptures. Please email Sue Lee Studios for more information; please type “private workshop” in the subject.

Current Workshop:

Casting your baby or child's hand/foot as a sculptural memorabilia. Parents or caretakers may bring in their newborns or children to our child-friendly studio and properly learn the process of lifecasting a body part in alginate. Alginate is extremely safe and well-used as a lifecasting material; it is seaweed based. Basic pricing starts at casting a single hand/foot in white gypsum stone. Please email us for price quotes for more intricate designs (parent and child holding hands), mounting options, multiple castings and different finishing like bronze or plastic.

Depending on the class size and number of participants, the classes are about 1.5-2 hours. Basic castings may be taken home the same day.

Private Class:

Group Class: